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 *Important - please indicate the pie pan manufacturer and pan number when placing your order.  This can be done in the shopping cart's customer comment box***

When you use our pie press there is no need for a pie dough sheeter or pie roller as the dough is pressed directly into the pie pan in the thickness required. Customers who order this product often order poly separator sheets to prevent the dough from sticking to the machine.

Our pie presses work with most dough recipes but do require dough to be at or close to room temperature. This may require some recipe adjustments. Kindly check out our recipes section for recipes that we have tested for use on our machines, and contact us if you have any questions.

The Standard Pie Press - all models of our pie presses now come with top and bottom crust die sets made of black PETG material - hand washable!  

The Standard Pie Press is good for home and small business use and/or for smaller pie pans and tart pans.  If you would like to order dies for smaller pans that form 2 crusts at a time then  you would need to order the The Standard Pie Press Deep Dish model from the drop down box.

How to order:  Please read all the information below before ordering.

*Canadians - to pay in Canadian Dollars please place order by phone using Visa or MasterCard

  •  click  drop down box to select machine type.- add to cart
  • indicate in customer comment box (at checkout) manufacturer, size and number of pan (ex. Novelis #967 9" pan) this set is included in price of machine
  • to order dies for additional pans -  select option from drop down box - add to cart. Indicate in "Special Instructions for Seller" box (in shopping cart) manufacturer, size and number second pan size.  Add to cart.
  •  To order Turnover Die select from drop down box - add to cart.  indicate at check out whether it is a 5", 6" or 7".

Our Standard Pie Press is intended for home  or lighter commercial use. Pie Crust 9" top outside diameter and 1 1/4" vertical height.  Each pie forming machine comes with two sets of molds.  One set forms the bottom crust and the second set forms the top crust.

  • Standard Pie Press - Intended for lighter use than the Professional Models - (25-50 pies per week). Forms dough into pans from 5" up to 10 1/4" diameter and 1 1/4" vertical depth
  • For Deeper pans or if you like a higher profile or design on the rim of the pies please order a Pro Industrial Pie Press .

    **Please note all our Pie and Tart Presses  are carefully manufactured in Manitoba, Canada and tested before shipping.  This results in lead times which can vary depending on the time of the year.  In the fall season from September to mid December you can expect a lead time of at least 3-4 weeks  and should make sure you order early enough to avoid disappointment.**

     Shipping for one Standard Pie Press with a set of dies for one size pan is $190.00.  This includes shipping and insurance, broker and duty. If extra items are ordered the shipping fee will be adjusted automatically (based on weight).

    **If you prefer to order over the phone - please feel free to give us a call or email and we will get back to you.

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