Novelis 9" pie pan #967

9" Aluminum Foil Pie Pan /case 500 #967-35


  • 60000


 Top Out 9"
Top In 8 5/32"
Bottom In 6 5/8"
Vertical Depth 1 3/16"
Volume US oz 27

The perfect pie pan for home use, Farmers Market or your Restaurant or Bakery.  Works great in the Birds Hill Pie Machines!  This disposable pie pan is perfect for businesses that need to bake many pies per day.  For bakeries, cafes and restaurants, it is an ideal solution for fruit pies, pudding pies and family meal pies.  It is also the perfect size pie pan for use in Farmers Market or Fundraising campaigns.  Aluminum Foil Pie Pan is sturdy and attractive.  

Use one of our Pie Machines with this pan - no fuss, no mess!  Forms your dough quickly and easily!  

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