Tart Press Commercial sized - for tart pans 3 3/8" Top Out measurement

Birds Hill Enterprises

  • 22000

This tart press is designed to form dough into our #BHE170 tart pan. or #301 The tart pan measures 3 3/8 top outside measurement.  Bottom - 2".  Height 7/8".

This longer hinged tart press gives ample leverage to form the dough easily into the tart pan.  With the longer press it reduces strain on shoulders - it forms the dough easily into the 3 3/8" tart pans.  Great for small business and those making a lot of tarts!

Our pie presses work with most dough recipes but do require dough to be at or close to room temperature. This may require some recipe adjustments. Kindly check out our recipes section for recipes that we have tested for use on our machines, and contact us if you have any questions.

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