Aluminum Foil Mini Pie Pans 5" Pot Pie; starting at:


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 Top Out 5 1/16"
Top In 4 1/2"
Bottom In 3"
Vertical Depth 1 3/16"
Volume US oz. 7.4

Perfect aluminum foil pie pan for pot pies and small pies.  Lots of groups use this pan for their Turkey Pot Pie fundraisers.  Makes one adult serving.  The Novelis #680-24 is only available in a case of 2500.  The  Pactiv #40525 is almost identical in size and shape and is available in smaller quantities.   The 40525 substituted for the #680-24 in your Pie Machines.

Use one of our Mini Pie Presses or Pie Machines with this pan - no fuss, no mess!  Forms your dough quickly and easily! 

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