3" aluminum foil tart pan perfect for butter tarts!

Aluminum Foil Tart Pans 3" # 11420 Butter Tart; starting at:

  • 3850

Traditional size for Canadian Butter Tarts 3"
 Top Out 2 15/16"
Top In 2 9/16"
Bottom In 2"
Vertical Depth 3/4"
Volume US oz. 1.7

 A case of 5000 pans comes to .057 cents per pan.  This price includes shipping.

This aluminum foil tart pan is ideal for Butter Tarts, Pecan Tarts, miniature pies, quiche etc. Holds a little more filling than the Novelis 20320K  .  It is the standard size butter tart foil pan used in Canada and is a hard to find aluminum foil tart pan in the USA.  Most USA 3" tart pans are 3 1/4 or 3 1/2 top outside measurements so our customers in the USA are very happy to find a source for the smaller sized 3" aluminum foil tart pans.

Use one of our Tart Presses with this size pie pan - no fuss - no mess!

*Canadians wishing to pay in Canadian Dollars please call our sales office.

*No additional shipping .will be charged on foil pan orders at checkout

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