3" aluminum foil tart pan Novelis #20320K

3" Aluminum Foil Tart Pans # 20320K/142 Medium starting at:


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 Top Out 2 15/16"
Top In 2 1/2"
Bottom In 1 1/2"
Vertical Depth 3/4"
Volume US oz. 1.2

This aluminum foil tart pan is ideal for Butter Tarts, Pecan Tarts, miniature pies, quiche etc. Do not mistake with Pactiv 20320 tart pan that is 3 1/4" top outside measurement.  This foil tart pan is ideal for miniature quiche and is traditionally used in the making of Butter and Pecan Tarts. This pan has the same top outside measurement as our #11420 but has more of a slant (holds slightly less filling that #11420).

Use one of our Tart Presses with this size pie pan - no fuss - no mess!

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