Middle Bearings fit Standard or Professional models of our Pie Press


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If your bearing has "popped" you can order bearings from us or locally.  They are RBI bearings # FR6-2RS flanged bearings.  size: 3/8”x7/8x9/32”  .   You can check the internet for a place near  you to save time as bearings usually break when you are in the midst of pie making.  For our USA customers the Big Bearing Store has them in stock most of the time and the price and shipping are quicker than if ordered from us.  Here is a link to their page:

 This bearings are for the Standard Pie Machine and the Professional Pie Press.

Check the picture below to determine which bearings you will need.

For the Pro Industrial you will need the FR8's.


Replacing a bearing on the Pie Machine

  1. Remove nut from bottom shaft and the three screws in the arm.
  2. Stainless Steel Arm slides off
  3. Slide broken part of bearing off of rod.
  4. Slide new bearing on