The Birds Hill Professional Pie Machine model - DISCONTINUED. ACCESSORIES ONLY.

 We have discontinued this model of our Pie Machine and replaced it with a more heavy duty machine - Pro Industrial Pie Machine. 

If you already own the older model  - The Professional Pie Machine  and wish to order new dies please go to this link:

Order Accessories for your Professional Pie Machine Click Here.


Professional Pie Machine Accessories at above link includes:

  • additional top crust dies 
  • additional bottom crust dies 
  • crimping bottom crust dies (design built in to bottom dies)
  • pocket pie dies
Indicate in the customer comments box in the shopping cart which machine model you have.  Contact Us if you are not sure,

    The Pro Industrial Pie Machine  replaces our Professional Pie Machine.  It has larger bearings, bigger stainless steel rods running through the machine and is an all around more "robust" machine. It can handle pies in various sizes up to 11" wide and up to 1 1/2" deep in addition to smaller pie pans.  You can even use it to form dough into muffin pans, create thicker decorative edges and more...