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 Caroline – Thank you for all the helpful hints.  These tart presses really improved our efficiency!  We were able to more than double our output and it was fun and easy to use as well.   Thanks. B.F. California, USA

Hi Caroline, A while back I ordered a pie press and some small pans with lids from you folks. I love the press, it works so easily and effortless!  Thanks  Again for your Wonderful Machine, D.E. , North Dakota, USA

When  we came home last night it was sitting on my back porch.Talk about excited!My husband who is a perfectionist was very impressed with the craftmanship on the press.I will be trying it out later this evening and will let you know tommorrow what I think.Thank you so much for working with me and the beautiful press. P.H.

Hi Caroline,We used the pie press yesterday and it took us about half the time it usually does and with alot less mess!I 'm so glad that I found you on the internet.The press is absolutely wonderful !!!! Thank you again, PH.

When I was making tarts a few weeks ago I thought I should get in touch with you to see if a large pie press would be possible to make.  Great minds think alike!!!.  Looking forward to getting one.  I really like the 3" tart press, the 5" small pie press & also the hamburger press.  Having owned a kitchen shop I have seen many gadgets.  Yours really work!!.  Please contact me when the pie machine becomes available.  M. R. Alberta, 2003.

Last year we ordered your pie press for our small 6" pies.  We love it!!!  Now we would like to get the extra die for our larger pies. V.F. USA

Everything is fine!  We received the shipment on Fri. and love the products!!  Makes life a lot easier and saves a  lot of time!  Glad we found your website!  Thanks for working with us!  E. & R  PA, USA

Please tell your artisan that he does awesome work. It is something that could sit out on the counter, if I had the space to spare.  K.P. Kansas, USA

Caroline,  Thank you! I just received the tart press today, and I can't believe the craftsmanship. It's absolutely beautiful how well made it. I'm completely glowing. I've spoken about your product, and i've already started spreading the word. I thnk my mom is interested in buying the pie press and crimper. It's  just in time for Thanksgiving, too. My regards to your crew for the work they've done, and  kudos for expediting my order. Happy Holidays! Tara

Hi Caroline, I had to take a minute to write and tell you how much I love my 5 inch pie press I recently purchased.  IT IS WONDERFUL!  So wonderful in fact I’ve asked my husband to purchase the larger press for 8 inch pies for me for Christmas so hopefully you’ll be hearing from him. Thank you so much. Cathy. Zanesville Oh. USA

Oh my Gosh I got the machine on Tuesday took it to work today what a great machine I only had a little problem of the dough pushing forward therefore not going clear up the top edge in the back.  But pretty well have that corrected. Was able to do my whole patch of dough in less then an hour with no mess no flour all over and never had to trim one tin. Great great thank you so much. Jacki

Collected my pie press today - its beautiful - its been many years since I saw such beautiful workmanship, and I cant wait to try it.

Many many thanx

Jennifer  United Kindom

If it was not for your company my business would not have grown as it has. Thank you for your well wishes and for producing great products. I'll be ordering more presses in the near future.   Canada

Hello Caroline

Just wanted to let you know we received the pie machines on Feb. 1, and put it in service on the week end. what a joy it is to work with, saves so much time and very easy to work with. We are very happy with the pie machine. Thanks again.  Daisy USA

My Wife is a woodworker, and we both agree - QUALITY workmanship!!  Don't know if we should use the press, or put it in a display case. Count on it, we will be introducing it to a lot of folks.

Thanks, George

I received my small pie press on today. My goodness, it is a work of art! I LOVE it! Thank you for your expert product workmanship and customer service. I'll be using it making pies all day on tomorrow for my Friday deliveries.  Mechelle USA

Dear Caroline and Husband, Just wanted to drop a few lines your way to tell you that I wouldn't give up my pie press to no body. I used it to press dough for butterhorns, sugar cookies, turtle cookies.  I thought if it presses a disk then why not try.  I made 80 butterhorns in one hour because I didn't have to roll out the dough to size. Now I am going to go back and try pie crust again.
It is wonderful, I just wanted to say Thank YOU again for your great invention, I truly do love it.
Good Job Sincerely CarolynI

just wanted to let you know that I finally got to use the press and it was fantastic!  Also, I don't know if you use the same portion scoop number system in Canada that we do in the states but, a #60 portion scoop gives the perfect amount of dough for each tart so there was no trimming necessary and each tart looked perfectly professional.
Thanks again,
S.K. Portland, OR


" Hey, I tried my Fluted Tart Press and tart tins out and absolutely love them!  My great-great-grandfather was a baker in Toronto and I use his recipe for Butter Tarts and this make it so much easier!  Thanks!



Just to let you know the machine is wonderful - no mess with flour and its works just great.  I am one very happy customer V.J. Edmonton, Canada

This machine is the best invention ever!   It's a million times better that "sliced bread."  Thank you Robert.  Harriet

Hey I got the machine today, OH  MY GOSH!!!  It is a beautiful machine.  Your husband did a wonderful job on the workmanship.  The wood is gorgous.
I must say I do just love it, I will be able to whip those pies out really fast.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my pie press!  Last weekend it was chilly and rainy here and D and I spent Labor Day Monday making pies – we made 38 5” pies in Cherry, Triple Berry, Peach and Raspberry…and everybody just RAVED about them.  But, what made it so do-able and FUN for us was the ease of creating the crusts.

We have it downpat.  D helps cut in the lard into the dough and he “mans” the pie press and I put the crusts into the pans and add the filling, cinnamon and butter. By the time I have my part done, they’re ready for the top crust.

About 3 months ago we made our first fried pies (which is unheard of around here) … and were they ever a treat! Again, everybody loved them!  And we loved making them because there was very little mess (except for the filling drippings I couldn’t’ contain) --- but no sticky floury surface to soak and scrape.

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your work of heart … and to say

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 All our love,  S & D. B  USA

The craftsmanship it excellent, it is very easy to use.  It is compact and very easy to clean.  I have employees who can't roll dough making pie shells with the pie press from Bird Hill.   It really is as easy as they say. Mix your dough, make a ball, place the ball off center towards the rear and press. B.M. Hawaii, USA

Rosalee loves this Press !!!  It has saved her a lot of time and money.  She doesn't have any waste compared to when she rolled the dough out by hand, and her arms are less tired at the end of the day.   With this press, my wife is able to produce more batches in a day compared to when she rolled them out by hand.   Caroline at Birds Hill is a great lady !!!  She even requested the recipe my wife uses prior to us purchasing the Pie Press. She wanted to test out the dough to see if it would work alright.  Both my wife and I think purchasing our Pie Press/Dough Press was the best thing we bought for my wife's business!!!   We love it !!!   I think you will enjoy using this Pie Press!  L.D. USA

We love the 5” press and crimper. Our chicken pot pies now look 200% better (and thus, more appealing to customers). We’re hoping at some point to add the pie machine. G. USA

Received pie press and tins in good condition. It has been a boon! Don't know how I managed before, it has more than halved my production time. Should have ordered a crimper at the same time  T. Ford

We recently started a food service program for the  company we work at. We make pot pies and various other dinners to  sell to the men on the different shifts. The first time we made pot pies  we started at about 7.30 am and finished about 7.30 pm (presses not  included) Then we received your presses WOW! The next time we  made the pies, we started at 7.30 am and were pretty much done by  10.30 am These are worth every penny. Thank you so much,  A. USA

I received the replacement handle yesterday!  Thank You!

 I constantly get comments like “The finish on the Pie Press looks like fine furniture”  “ How did they get it so smooth?” 

 If one of your potential customers ask you for a reference,  please don’t hesitate to send them to me.


 Brian Yamamoto

The machine works perfectly.  I made a mistake though.  I am told that even I can operate it.  I tried but was too good on the crimping.  There are a lot of pie shells to go into the freezer already R. L. USA

Your service is commendable! R. USA

Dear Caroline,  I am just writing to tell you that I have received my goods and I am really pleased with them. The workmanship is incredible and I can’t wait to put them to good use.
Thanks for everything,  P. Christopher  USA

 7/22/2014 Hello folks, My name is Cynthia also known as The Pie Lady in my town, thanks to your help.  In July of 2006 I purchased a pie machine and it has worked wonderfully for all of these years.  Last week the seal on the bearing blew out.  Could you tell me what the specs are for that bearing so I can purchase it locally, or can I purchase 2 from you?  A photo is attached of the needed part.  My husband can do the repair.Thank you for manufacturing such a fine product.  I look forward to your prompt response.  (I can’t roll all those crusts by hand!). Yours Truly, Cynthia, PA, USA

 A few years ago we ordered a tart press from you, and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful and valuable a purchase it has been for us.  It has held up beautifully, and works brilliantly and simply.  It really revolutionized our little farmers' market business, and everyone that sees it in action is always impressed.Thanks very much for making such a great product, Thomas 04/28/2014

 However, just to let you know that I am delighted with it. It works perfectly with my gluten-free pastry. Thanks for your help.Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014. Trisha UK, 12/21/2013