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September 25, 2012:


Last year was our first full season using the press.  We have done over 4,000 pies, in the six inch and ten inch sizes. 

The press is such a time saver, and my husband likes to press crusts if I am really busy.

Now we are looking at the fried pie press.  Although ours will be bakedJ

Thanks for the great product.

Ann Critchley

Annie’s Country Cookin’

Crawford, Colorado


Hi Caroline,  How are you?  We received the pie press yesterday morning and got right to work on our pies! What beautiful craftsmanship!  May we call you today to ask a couple of questions about the use of these wonderful tools? Thanks so much!  Sincerely, Janet On 10/4/2012 9:55 AM,

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Hi there,

 We love our press and have made over 3,000 double crust pies with it.

Do I need to oil it? (answer - no, to keep clean just wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth.)

  1. Fuller, Oct. 9/2012

Hi Caroline   I received the pie press just in time to make over 100 pies for Thanksgiving weekend and it has been a real help! I got sick last week and was able to easily teach my daughter to press the crusts we needed for orders (much easier than teaching someone how to roll out crusts!). I can tell this will be a big help to our baking operation.   Thanks for a great product! Sincerely, L Young

Hello Caroline and Others, Thank you so much for the pie press, and pie tins. This is exactly what I wanted and needed for our business. You definitely will have repeat business from us. Once again thank you! D. Garmon Washington DC. USA  Oct 10, 2012


The pie presses are truly a big hit with the visitors! Everyone admires the look and feel of the beautiful wood and expert craftsmanship. Young and old alike can churn out a beautiful looking pie without any worry, and that makes teaching fun! Here is a photo of the pie making workshop we did about the pumpkin patch.  Fun times!.

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 We are already planning for more presses in our pie-making future!

Thanks again!

S Davenport,  VA, USA. Oct. 18, 2012

Hi Caroline.

 All is good. We used the new piece yesterday and it is perfect!

 Pies look fantastic. Came just in time as we have several 1000 to do

 in the next few days. Thanks again and thank Rob.


PatsyPie Gluten-Free Bakery, Quebec

Hi have ordered a pies press and loved it so much I would like to purchase another my name is Randy MacSteven my company name is Creative Catering I was wondering if I need to send in my pies plate measurements or do you have them on file. I have done over 3000 pie and your machine is still working great !  I love it !!!

Randy MacSteven

 May 20, 2013

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Thank You, Robert - it worked beautifully!  We had not had time until today to try again.  There are still several dies we have not used - the ones we have used so far have worked perfectly and we are beyond satisfied.

Caroline and Robert, we are pleased and happy with our pie machine - it has saved us much time and energy, and made it possible to produce more in a much shorter period of time.  This, of course, is what we were looking for.

 We are so impressed with the workmanship and the attention to detail.

Please feel free any time to refer anyone who would like to talk to another customer to us - we will be happy to give a glowing report!

J.H., Fort Worth, Texas