Pocket Pie Empanada Press

Birds Hill Enterprises

  • 97500

 Birds Hill Empanada Press will flatten, fold and crimp your dough to form pocket pies quickly and easily. Use it for empanadas, pocket pies, turnovers, etc.

  • interchangeable dies
  • to order additional dies click "additional pocket pie dies"
  • can order dies for regular pies 
  • available in two models: Standard Pocket Pie Empanada Press and Professional Pocket Pie Empanada Press
  • can order two different style of crimped edges
  • Gear design 
  • scroll or rope design - an additional $40.00

    To Order:

    • click drop down box and select size of empanda or pocket pie
    • click on drop down box and select gear or scroll design
    • click drop down box and select pie machine style Professional or Standard
    • add to cart

    Shipping for Pocket Pie Empanada Machine is $190.00 per machine with a set of dies.  This includes shipping, insurance broker and duty fees if applicable.

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