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Our pie presses work with most dough recipes but do require dough to be at or close to room temperature. This may require some recipe adjustments. Kindly check out our recipes section for recipes that we have tested for use on our machines, and contact us if you have any questions.

Click drop down box above to view the different sizes of the Mini Pie Press.   If your pan is not shown - choose the Custom Made option.  All items are priced separately.  Please select the items you wish to order from the drop down box.  If you have questions please contact us.  

*Canadians - to pay in Canadian Dollars please place order by phone using Visa or MasterCard

Use our Mini Pie Press to form dough in pans over 3" top outside diameter up to 5" top outside diameter. The dies in the pie press are glued in place.  If you want a machine with interchangeable view our Standard or Pro Industrial Pie Press.

  • Small Pie Press # 4" - solid wood press forms dough directly into Novelis #104, D & W B10 and Kitchen Dance #425 4 1/4" foil pie pans. Important:  Please indicate which pans  you are going to be using.
  • Small Pie Press #680 - Pot Pie - solid wood press forms dough directly into 5" Novelis #680 foil pans. 
  • Small Pie Press #501 - solid wood press forms dough directly into Kitchen Dance #501
  • Small Pie Press #3711 - solid wood press forms dough directly into Norpro Mini Metal Pie Pans (this press will also work with the #680 foil pans)
  • Small Pie Press #301 - presses dough directly into round tart pans 3.5" wide use with the #301 Kitchen Dance Pan, or the Wilkinson A90 
  • Mini Pie Press - Custom Made - indicate which pan you will be using (choose a pan no wider than 5" top outside diameter). In the shopping cart "  "Special Instructions for Seller"  ie. pie pan manufacturer and pan number. If you are using a non-disposable pan - indicate that you will be sending us a sample pan. This press may also be made to form dough into a 12 cup (3"wide cups) muffin pans.
  • Mini Pie Pan top crust  - forms flat top crusts up to 5 1/4" by 1/8" thin.  Indicate pie pan or diameter you wish it made on Check Out page.
  • Mini Pie Press with built in design on rim - let us know in the comments box or by email which design you would like.  For pans of this size you may choose bead or gear design.

 Shipping and insurance to most locations is $36.00 and will be added at checkout.

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