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*Important - please indicate the pie pan manufacturer and pan number when placing your order.  This can be done in the shopping cart's customer comment box***

Birds Hill's Professional Industrial Pie Press is made with the commercial baker in mind.  We have responded to our customer comments and suggestions and made a more heavy duty/industrial model of our Professional Pie Machine. It combines the deep dish, over-sized models into one machine with extra improvements as listed.

The Pro. Industrial Pie Press:

  • has larger bearings
  • heavier/wider stainless steel rods running through machine
  • handle/leaver extends further beyond base of machine making it easier to close.
  • Has longer stainless steel screws
  • is wider and taller than our Prof. and Standard Presses
  • this gives you more room to work, also you can make your shallow and deep pies with the same machine.  You can also have a higher profile on the rim of your pie crusts allowing for larger fluted or decorative  edges.
  • Machine Dimensions: 24" L x 16" W x 9.25" H - 30.6 lbs
  • Comes with one bottom crust die set and one flat top crust die set

Extra Bottom Crust and Top Crust Dies as well as Pocket Pie Dies for your machine may be purchased from selecting from the drop down box and adding to cart.  The widest the flat dies can form a disc of dough is 12.5" diameter. The Bumps design die set is for single crust pies only and will form the decorative edge on your pie at the same time as forming the dough into the pie pan.

Our wooden pie machines are The Original Pie Forming Machines - since 1994!  Our pie presses/ manual pastry blockers are manufactured by us in Manitoba, Canada.  

Pie Making is fun and easy using the Birds Hill Pie Press!  


How to order:

  •  click  drop down box to select machine type.- add to cart
  • indicate in customer comment box (at checkout) manufacturer, size and number of pan (ex. Novelis #967 9" pan) this set is included in price of machine
  • to order dies for additional pans -  select option from drop down box - add to cart. Indicate in the "special instructions for seller" box  located in the shopping cart -  the manufacturer, size and number second pan size. 
  •  To order Pocket Pie Die select from drop down box - add to cart.  indicate at shopping cart instruction for seller box  whether it is a 5", 6" or 7".

Our Prof Industrial Pie Press is intended for heavy, regular pie making.   Die sets to form the bottom crust, the top crust and pocket pies can be ordered from the drop down box.  Select items you wish to order and "add to cart" between each selection.  In the Shopping cart there will be a "Special Instructions for Seller" box where you should enter which pie pans you will be using. ie. manufacturer and pan number. example: Novelis #967 and/or size of turnover die.

Shipping for one Pro Industrial Press and a set of dies is $190.00.  This includes shipping and insurance, broker and duty.  It will be added at checkout.  

**Please note all our Pie and Tart Presses are carefully manufactured in Manitoba, Canada and tested before shipping.  This results in lead times which can vary depending on the time of the year.  In the fall season from September to mid December you can expect a lead time of at least 3-4 weeks  and should make sure you order early enough to avoid disappointment.**

**If you prefer to order over the phone - please feel free to give us a call or email and we will get back to you.

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