What is your Favourite Flavour of Pie? by David Whalen

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I doubt one would be able to get a unanimous opinion as to what is the best tasting fruit pie. To date I have tried a total of 11 different flavours and out of those, I would recommend at least nine as being excellent. I have made some fillings from scratch myself and I have also purchased fillings through wholesale distributors - both here in Canada but also from some in the US.  To me, it seems that some suppliers have a better version of a particular flavour. There does not seem to be one company that has all of the best versions. Then again, everyone will have a different reaction to any flavours they may try. Here (in no particular order) are my top nine: blackberry, mincemeat, raspberry, apple, cherry, apricot-peach, strawberry, blueberry and peach. Mincemeat is very popular at Christmas of course. Many have never heard of "peach" as a flavour for pies, but it is probably my favourite of all of them. The other flavours I have baked using my pie making equipment from Bird's Hill Enterprises include: date & raisin. They to me were OK but just OK. Not all pie filings cost the same of course. Some are quite a bit more expensive than others.In my experience both cherry and peach tend to cost more. How do you know in advance which will be the best fillings, given many suppliers and many flavours? There is no easy answer to that. In my case, I bake pies a lot so I have purchased many flavours from many wholesalers & suppliers. I also keep good notes about how each has turned out. In conclusion I want to also say that I have often been pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of many of the pie fillings I have tried. Just because they came from a factory does not necessarily mean they are in any way inferior. I also believe that it adds to the "fun" of pie making by offering a large selection of flavours. Try them all! You will be glad that you did.

(thanks David for contributing an article for our online blog!  David  has been a customer of ours since 2016.  He makes pies for local food banks and Meals on Wheels using the Birds Hill Small Pie Press bottom crust maker and The Birds Hill Small Pie Press top crust maker.)

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