Uncertain Times

Posted by Caroline Booy on

Our thoughts and prayers go to each and everyone of you as we find ourselves living with the uncertainty that Covid 19 brings to our homes, families, community, country and the world.

Many of our customers operate small family run bakeries, shops and cafes and we think of them as they seek to stay afloat during this time.  Consider shopping from some of these local businesses as many are offering delivery, pickup, or even drive through options for their bakery products.

As we live this new reality may we be kind and thoughtful of others and may we also follow the recommendations of our health departments to try and flatten the curve so that hospital beds and equipment will be available to those who require it.

It is my prayer that God will be near to us and calm our fears....

The chorus of a song some of my grandchildren love to sing goes like this:

I won't fear what tomorrow brings

With each morning I'll rise and sing
My God's love will lead me through
You are the peace in my troubled sea
You are the peace in my troubled sea.  (Rend Collective- My Lighthouse)



Caroline Booy
Birds Hill Enterprises


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  • I have always admired “Bird’s Hill Enterprises” for the quality of their products. Now I see that Caroline does NOT hesitate to use the words “prayer” and “God” in her company’s blog. So many business owners today are very shy about acknowledging anything about the place religion plays in their personal lives. A big thank you to Bird’s Hill Enterprises for stepping up to the plate and boldly speaking about God during the coronavirus. “Political correctness” is just another phrase for “NOT telling it like it is”. Thank you to Caroline and all of the workers at your manufacturing facility in rural Manitoba.

    David Whalen on
  • I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog Caroline! Thanks for sharing all the ideas and resources. It’s about time I made some pie again.

    Erica Bakker on

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