The Cookie Lady

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Folks around Regina know Laurie Kitsch as "The Cookie Lady".  Googling her name I found this description of Laurie "

The Cookie Lady is well known for her brightly iced cookies, but that isn't all she can do. She also makes turtle tarts and turtle brownies (both topped with homemade caramel) and pies made with fruit from other market vendors."

Laurie tells us she is located in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, Canada Mini fruit piesand has been in business for 26 years.  Her cookies and pies are sold at Farmers Markets and craft shows.  I recently asked her what she liked about her Small Pie Press purchased from Birds Hill Enterprises and she responded:  

"The pie press saves us time in production, and is very easy to use. Love! "  

On there is the following review about The Cookie Lady" 

 "Bought a Saskatoon pie from this lady last weekend at the Regina farmers market. The pie is of  exceptional quality! Rich pastry and just sweet enough Saskatoon filling. Well worth the $12.00."

The Cookie Lady's delicious  pies can be purchased from the Regina's Farmers Market web page by clicking this link: The Cookie Lady  With all the changes Covid 19 brings people have had to think "outside the box" in terms of their business.  Regina Farmers Market has local deliveries and drive through pick-up - check out their web page for more information.  


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