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What a nice way to end 2017!  Just had a lovely phone conversation with Sandy B. who has been a customer of ours for many years.  She has one of the very first "fried pie" or pocket pie dies for her Birds Hill Standard Pie Machine that we ever made.  In fact she reminded me that we only had the prototype made and that was the only one we could send her at that time.  She has been very happy with our products and has made many pies over the years.  An excerpt from her email:

 "Hope you and Rob have had a marvelous Christmas and looking forward to a terrific new year!

 Just wanted you to know that every time I use my pie press and various dies, I think of you both and love it love it love it!  I’ve been stocking up my freezer for Denny to enjoy here in South Texas.  Thought you’d like to see my morning project. Took all of ½ hour to press 4 dozen small pies.  Unbelievable!"

Thank you Sandy for your phone call and email - much appreciated!  It's always great to hear back from customers on how they are doing with our pie and tart shell forming equipment.  

2017 has been a good year for our family and business. Over the years we had two of our adult sons work for us during their off season to help us build up stock for the busy fall season.  This past October we made the decision to hire Andrew full-time and are excited at the different possibilities this offers. We also purchased some major equipment that should help us shorten the lead times which this fall were up to 8 weeks.  It is our goal that the lead times are between 1-3 weeks at most.  We thank our customers who have been so patient and understanding while they waited for their orders to arrive.

Things to look forward to in 2018 - we plan to update the web page adding new images and videos.  We also hope to make it simpler to navigate.  As far as products go we have new equipment that enables us to have logo's stamped into the pie crust or on the rims of the pies.  We are also able to design more crimper designs.    Another item we plan on is  a tart press collection that will have individual metal pans, cookbook and tart press sold as a "gift set" for that special someone on your list.  This will be great for homemakers who want to use reusable pans instead of aluminum foil.

As I write this we are awaiting the arrival of our 11th grandchild! We have much to be thankful for.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  to our customers! 

 Rob and Caroline Booy.

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