Pies for Thanksgiving Season

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Always enjoy hearing back from customers using our machines for their baking businesses.   With some of our customers they send  us a picture of how their pies look with the request that we try and "mimic" that look with our pie machine.  We are happy to say that Gail says the pies made with our Professional Pie Machine look the same as when she made them by hand.  If you have a style of pie that you want replicated with our machine contact us with a picture of your pie and we will see what we can do.   Gail sent us the following email this morning: Here is her email 

Good Morning Caroline, 

   I received the machine on the 15th and it works wonderfully.  We are up to 72 pies already for the Thanksgiving season and that was more pies than we did for all of 2017!  The look and consistency is all the same and I did not have to make any changes to how they are made.  I attached some pictures of our first round of pies.

 Thank you so much,


Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving Pies


Thanks Gail for your feedback.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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