Pie Machine Comparison

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Often we have customers asking us the difference between the machines that we carry.  In the photos in our online store it is hard to tell because the "look" of the machine is the same.  By looking at these pictures and checking the chart below I hope you get a better sense of the differences.  I consider the Standard Pie Machine an entry level machine.  It's great for those starting out a small pie business, for home use or for pocket pies and small pies. In businesses where you are making over 25 pies a day or even hundreds a day we would recommend the Pro Industrial.  It's a versatile machine that allows  you to order customized dies for various applications, and incorporates most of the suggestions our Standard Pie Machine customers have made over the last dozen years.  We do our best to make a machine that is affordable, durable and easy to use.






  Pro Industrial Pie Machine Standard Pie Machine
Length 24" 21"
Width 14 1/4" 12 1/4"
Height 9 3/4" 8"
Space between base & top 2 1/4" 1 1/2"
Bearings upper FR8 FR6
Bearings lower R6 R6
Stainless Steel Rod
Weight with die insert 35.5 23.9

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