Pie Carriers

Posted by Caroline Booy on

Every so often we have customers ask if we sell pie carriers.  That was something new to me .  I did a little research and found that in the "old" days folks would use pie carriers to carry multiple pies to church dinners, potlucks, socials, family gatherings etc.  Often the carriers could hold 4-5 regular sized pies.  Many were handcrafted out of wood but there were also very nice looking tin pie carriers ..  Tupperware also carried a plastic pie carrier and now  you can find more made out of plastic.  I like the wooden and tin pie carriers the best as they have much more character than the plastic and are also a conversation piece.  These would be great for our customers who carry multiple pies to sell at farmers markets.  I am going to see if our guys can make something similar to the wooden ones that we can offer on our web page - if there is interest in this item. I checked around on the internet for pictures shown below.  If you have a vintage or interesting looking pie carrier - please comment below and send in your pictures!  Thanks!

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