CBC National News : Sharmans Proper Pies using our Pro Industrial Pie Machine

Posted by Caroline Booy on

Not always easy to come up with blog posts so when my nephew messaged from Vancouver this morning to say he was sure he had seen our wooden pie machine on the CBC National News yesterday I had to check it out!  The news segment was on how the pandemic is affecting businesses in something called "The Pandemic Diary".  It shows one of our customers - James Sharman of Sharmans Proper Pies being interviewed inside his bakery.... view it at 32.17 in the video below:

Some of our customers we feel we get to "know" a little.  James is one of them.  He has great regular Instagram Posts  which I follow and I love to hear of his business concept and how it is working for him. His Canadian business is located in the Toronto area and is a pie delivery service - delivering pies on the first Tuesday of every month.  Customers can subscribe to a membership plan or choose a one-time package.  Visit his web site at Sharman's Proper Pies  to sign up .....

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