Great Lakes Pot Pies

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Our featured customer today is Jannie Teitelbaum.  Jannie is owner and founder of the company "Great Lakes Pot Pies".  

Jannie decided she wanted to start a food business because she's always enjoyed making food. "When trying to decide what food business I was going to start, I began asking friends what kind of food they’d want. It turned out that many people wanted better options for convenient meals since most are filled with processed chemicals. I saw an opportunity to offer all-natural, home-cooked food that people could store in the freezer and make when they need it.

As a child, I loved pot pie, so I set out to create a delicious recipe like the one I used to eat. After 6 months of trying different recipes, I made a Chicken Pot Pie for my family and my son, Steven, exclaimed when he ate it, “This is the best pot pie I have ever eaten!”, and I knew that I had the perfect recipe."  (as taken from her web page)

Jannie has recently started using the Birds Hill Pocket Pie manual dough press and has turned out some beautiful looking hand pies!

Check out her web site and order some today!  

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