Happy Pi Day!

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Any search on Instagram under "pies" is sure to bring up loads of pictures of wonderful looking pies with the "pi" symbol.  The symbol for Pi had been in use for over 250 years The symbol was introduced by William Jones, a Welsh mathematician, in 1706. The symbol was made popular by the mathematician Leonhard Euler.

 March 14 or 3/14 is celebrated as pi day because 3.14 are the first digits of pi. Math nerds around the world love celebrating this infinitely long, never-ending number.  

How can you celebrate Pi Day?  It is quite popular today to celebrate Pi day with eating pie....why? Because ......Pi is a homophone of pie - the 2 words are pronounced similarly but are spelled differently and mean different things. Celebrate Pi Day by having lots and lots of pie!!

If you have any funny pie making stories or pictures please submit them to me for publication.  Or if any of you have tips for those wishing to start up a pie business, or tips on pie making we would also love to hear them.  As always if you have pictures of your products made with Birds Hill Pie Machines or presses we'd love to feature them or post on Instagram .

Happy Pi (Pie) Day to each of our wonderful customers!!

Birds Hill Enterprises.

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