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We always enjoy getting feedback from our customers!  This past month we received emails with pictures from a few of our customers.  

These beautiful tartlettes shown above are made using our Birds Hill Enterprises'Custom Made Small Pie Press.   They use metal fluted tartlet pans with removable bottoms about 3" - 4" wide.  When we custom made a Small Pie Press we ask that the customer send us a sample of their non-disposable pan/molds or if using disposable we ask that they mail us 3 so we can use them in design and testing of the pie press.  We also ask for information on the weight of dough they use, how they want their crust to look and also to send us a photo of the tarts.  That way we can try to design our Birds Hill pie presses to form the dough to as close as possible to the customer's wishes.


The picture  above shows 6" pies made by Anna Karle of Germany in her business "" with her newly arrived Birds Hill Enterprises  Pie Machine.  Soon after arrival of her Birds Hill Enterprises Pie Machine she got right to work and made 200 pies!   Here is an excerpt from her email: "I didn’t have time to answer because as soon as the machine was up and running I started with the production . Until now I have baked 200 pies, the machine works like a dream! It is so much faster now and the pies look just great! Thanks so much for all your hard work to make this happen!"

 Her machine was a little trickier to design.  She had 6" metal pans that were all joined together but were not evenly spaced.  Andrew and Rob had to figure out a method that would line the pans up with the dies in the top of the machine and that each time she moved it forward it would line up.  The picture of Rob testing her pie machine below shows the dies for her smaller pans but they are also joined together in the same manner as her 6" pie pans.

If you have an idea of something you would like made but don't see it on our web page - feel free to call and discuss  your options with us.

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