Bowerman Blue Berries

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This month's blog post features the Bowerman Family.   

The Bowermans own and operate Bowerman Blueberries along with their children.  This truly is a family enterprise!  The blueberry farm began in 1954, when William and Winifred Bowerman bought blueberry nursery stock. They dug up the plants, and moved them to the farm, covering approximately 23 acres that first year. Since blueberries take 7-10 years to maturity, they also raised corn, and worked in real estate. 

In 1976 Randy, their youngest son, started working on the farm full time.  Randy and his dad started their own greenhouse to grow blueberry bushes and cleared the land by hand at first and then purchased a front loader to help ... 

In 1982 Randy bought the farm from his parents and began to expand the sales towards the sale of fresh blueberries and today nearly 75% of all the blueberries are sold fresh.   

Randy and Carol his wife, now have more than 90 acres of blueberries and an on-site bakery and farm store which they work together with their children and/or their spouses. The Bowerman Farm is located in Holland Michigan.   

Recently Kassie, their daughter ordered some pie forming equipment from us to aide them in making their delicious blueberry pies.  This is what she says " 

"I am writing from Bowerman Blueberries in Holland, MI. We have been 
loving our new hand pie die for our professional pie press. Our employees and customers have loved the mini pies we make now with our mini pie press. We have just started using the pocket pie press and we are so excited about it that we ordered a second one right away to help us with production. It is going to be a great tool in our bakery! "


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