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Where have all the years gone?  They go by so very quickly!  It doesn't seem that long ago that Rob made me my very first tart press to help me make a batch of blueberry tarts - that was likely 27 years ago this coming March.  The following summer we were featured in the magazine "Country Woman" and the rest is history! That summer we had so many letters from homemakers wanting a tart press that the postman could not fit them in our old green rural mailbox.  He delivered them right to our door!  It was so much fun picking up mail and reading letters from folks all over the USA and Canada.  

That first year Rob, my husband crafted the tart presses in our basement on his wood lathe sending dust up through the heating vents to the main level of our home.  As a family we packaged up the tart presses into boxes to get ready for mailing.  The money we earned that first summer was saved and put into something the whole family could enjoy - a beautiful red zodiac boat!            The kids were so excited - and so were we.  All these years later we still enjoy the zodiac and enjoy taking our 14 grandchildren for boat rides.  

With the years going by, life moves on - my hair has already gone from grey to nearly white and I am already turning 60 -  mid February . End of March Rob turns 64. Rob and I have so enjoyed our business of making and selling Pie Machines and Tart Presses and to celebrate our birthdays we will be giving away 60 cookbooks to the first 60 customers who order a tart press and box of tins, or a Small Pie Press and box of pans between February 4th and March 31st. If you already have a tart press and want to receive your free cookbook place an order for two boxes of tart pans - 300's (2 x 300's) or 2 boxes 5" pot pie pans (2 x 75's or 2x 200's) ) 

Mention "birthday" in the customer comment box when placing your order ( in the shopping cart ) to receive your cookbook.  


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