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pocket pies

It's been a busy spring - lots of customers gearing up for their tourist season, farmers markets with purchasing new machines and calling for information on our products.  Today we put our 4" pocket pie press to the test.  My daughter-in-law Jessica wanted to make gluten free samosas and pizza pockets together.  We had a fun day doing this and made 395 pocket pies.  The dough is super easy and is half Maseca corn flour and half P.A.N. white corn flour mixed with warm water.  The fillings are on my Gluten Free Blog "Applewood Recipe Box"  I figure the gluten free Samosa style pocket pies cost .07 cents and the pizza pocket style around .14 cents a piece.  The Samosa are still my favourite eaten with a Sweet Chili Sauce.  

The dough is super easy with the instructions on the back of the bags.  These need to be fried in oil to be at their best.  We fry them in a large wok contraption that I purchased off of Ebay this spring. 

 I was in shock when it came in the mail as it was way larger than I expected.  We put about 4 liters oil into it and set it up on the propane turkey roaster stand.  I could fry about 30 at a time which really sped things up.  We then freeze them on baking sheets and bag when frozen.  Then when we want to eat them we heat them up in the oven or a couple on a plate in the microwave. 

Tell us about the fun things you are making with your Birds Hill Pocket Pie Press in the comments below.

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