End of Summer - beginning of the Fall Baking Season!

Posted by Caroline Booy on

We are off to a brisk start to our busy fall season.  If you are planning on making lots of pies and tarts during the fall season please give yourself enough time to order our products.  Our current lead times as of today are 2 weeks for Tart and Small Pie Presses and 3 weeks for Pie Machines.  This lead time usually increases the closer we get to the middle of October and lasts until the end of November. 

You may be wondering why so many of our aluminum foil pans are out of stock.  This is due to a situation out of our control.  Many North American companies have be bought out by an overseas company and some restructuring is going on.  Some aluminum foil pans are being discontinued (our 3" pan #11420) and others are taking weeks to months to get in stock.  We all need patience as we go through this time of reorganization and we hope very  much that our shipments will be in soon so as not to disrupt the busiest baking season of the year.


Robert and Caroline Booy - owners Birds Hill Enterprises

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